Clinical supervision

Clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists is an inspiring source of development and learning, a secure base of support in which to challenge oneself and extend parameters of understanding in a safe environment.

Good clinical supervision promotes “artistry” in practice. Donald Schon in ‘Educating the Reflective Practitioner’ speaks of professional artistry in this way :

“Learning all forms of artistry depends, at least in part, on … freedom to learn by doing in a setting relatively low in risk, with access to coaches who initiate students into the “traditions of the calling” and help them, by “the right kind of telling” to see on their own behalf and in their own way what they need most to see.”

Clinical supervision includes attention to and development of theory and of relevant frames of reference. It includes the fostering and supporting of the skills of articulation and conceptualization. It includes “bringing” clients to the supervision and treating them with great repect and kindness and searching together for insight and understanding and strategies.

Just as much, it includes talking through philosophical dilemmas or practical problems. It promotes the development of confidence and individuality in the practitioner and a growing sense of autonomy alongside safe practice. Supervision can be great fun, scarey, challenging, inspirational and it needs to be alive.

Supervision is offered to individuals & groups.

Management supervision focuses on management issues arising in organisations or charities where counselling, therapy, supervision or complementary therapies are offered or where training takes place.

It offers the opportunity to gain an overview of the provision being offered, supports the creation of or ongoing use of appropriate and effective assessment and monitoring proceedures, clarifies levels of supervision needed and looks at the opportunities available for the further development of the organisation.

Supervision fees: are £45 per 50 minute appointment.  Please contact me to enquire if any trainee supervision appointments are available at a reduced fee rate.

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