“I was diagnosed with quite severe depression by my G.P in January 2009 and was given the usual tablets with no explanation of what was happening and why.  Whilst taking the medication my depression gradually got worse to the point where I couldn’t leave the house without severe anxiety and in some cases vomiting.  This led to me being house bound for five days where I didn’t move off the sofa!  I was given a recommendation by a family member to see Hira Pascoe as she had previously worked with him and helped him to recover from three years of anxiety.  After just one consultation Hira had begun the process of helping me to define why I felt the way I did, why the depression suddenly came out of nowhere and helped me to realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  After four very short months (only seeing Hira a maximum of once a week) I feel completely cured!  I have now stopped taking the prescribed tablets and have never felt so calm and complete.  Since meeting Hira I have been able to go on a two week holiday with my fiance and two children to Southern Spain with fourteen other family members, I now have a new job and my fiance and I are planning our wedding and honeymoon.  Without Hira’s help I feel sure that none of this would have been possible.  Not only did Hira make it extremely easy for me to arrange appointments with her I was also encouraged to ring her for informal chats whilst on holiday should I need them and was giving training on how to alleviate and deal with any stressful situations where I may feel ‘out of my depth’ which worked extremely well.  Using the techniques that were encouraged by Hira I feel sure I can handle anything that life thows at me.

I and my family owe Hira a very warm and grateful thankyou as we are now a family again and have never been so happy!


Chris, Ellen, Holly and Anja.

Please feel free to contact me via email on info@hirapascoe.co.uk