When I first came to Hira for counselling five years ago I was very different from the person I am now. I came with high levels of anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, a feeling of lack of control and rejection in my life. I felt lost and lonely with an inability to make judgements or decisions for myself. To begin with Hira held me in a very firm but safe place, until I could unravel my feelings sufficiently to begin to address my issues. The most important part of my process in counselling has been my relationship with Hira. She is always herself, genuine and real and I always feel safe, accepted and cared for in that space. She has needed to be really challenging at times as my unhelpful behaviours were deeply entrenched and she has needed to use a variety of skills and techniques to facilitate movement for me. In short I feel as if she has created an environment, which has allowed me to shift, change and grow from powerlessness and a strong victim role towards a better balanced, empowered and fulfilled human being. I now have some self- belief, trust my own judgments, recognise my strengths and own my shortfalls as well as my feelings. Hira has enabled me to turn my life around and there are no words to express the extent of my gratitude.

Please feel free to contact me via email on info@hirapascoe.co.uk