I had a successful, well paid career as a dentist, a wonderful family and a beautiful home, the problem was that I had been plagued with anxiety and O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive disorder) since the age of ten.

For years I had quietly coped with O.C.D. on my own, with many of my loved ones having no idea that I even had a problem. On the surface I was a lively, sociable, effervescent character, but at times my behaviour could become too “hyper”, I would tend to drink too much, be too over the top and unintentionally, my behaviour would sometimes hurt my family leading to profound feelings of regret later. I was plaqued by irrational, unpleasant intrusive thoughts and ridiculous compulsions to try to cleanse myself such as washing my hands and repeating activities and rituals a certain number of times.

The crazy thing was, that I had a crystal clear insight into my condition, I understood that it was totally irrational but any attempt to battle it on my own lead to profound feelings of stress. I confided in my close family who were desperate to help, concerned for my well being. My sister had been through a rough patch in an unhappy relationship and had contacted Hira. She kept enthusing about how helpful, kind and understanding she had been and advised that I make an appointment.

Meeting Hira was a wonderful cathartic experience; she exuded calmness and tranquillity, a welcome contrast to my turbulent state of mind. She quickly diagnosed my condition and listened with empathy and understanding as I discussed the feelings of anxiety that I had been experiencing. I found it an enormous relief to realise that I was not alone and she helped me to put in place strategies to start to combat and manage the O.C.D.

I have since seen Hira on many occasions both on my own and with my wife, indeed she has become a close friend and confidant. I can honestly say that Hira has helped me to rebuild my life, both professionally at work and in strengthening my relationship with my wife, children and close family.

After years of suffering in silence and feeling “tortured from within”, it feels incredibly liberating to have been able to talk to someone who had such a clear understanding of my condition. I still feel anxious and stressed at times but the difference now is that I know that there is someone who can help. Thank you so much Hira!

Please feel free to contact me via email on info@hirapascoe.co.uk