My Story

I  had been suffering from severe major depression for five months, (on 125 mg of amitriptyline and on the two year waiting list to see a clinical psychologist ), when desperation drove me to Hira Pascoe’s door.

Terrified by the reoccurrence of this illness whose first onslaught I had endured through eighteen long months as a student in the early eighties, and exhausted by the daily outpourings of grief and loss coupled with disabling anxiety and agitation, I feared for my sanity….

In Hira’s consulting  room I found not only a listening ear but a confidence that I could be metaphysically held through this crisis and eventually healed.

Initially this was a space to sit and sob out my story. As we explored this story I learned that the maternal deprivation (brought up by amahs in the Far East, then sent to boarding school…) and insensitive parenting I’d suffered as a child…could be grieved and let go.

This latest breakdown was triggered by a miscarriage and the loss of our dream to have a second baby. It was made worse by lingering and undiagnosed post-natal depression and my daughter starting school full-time.

Hira’s professional skills – her client-centred approach and listening ear – all helped enable me to stay in my own home and care for my family whilst recovering. Through the two years I saw her regularly (2006 – 2008), I not only recovered but transformed pain into art – becoming an accomplished poet and printmaker.

Hira helped our family to survive this crisis by enabling me to build on the skills I had as partner and mother (and so supported my daughter and husband too).

Recently, following a physical illness, I returned to have a short (5 sessions) course of treatment. Using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, Hira helped me to stay firmly in the present and not slide back into depression. This time it was with anticipation, not desperation, that I knocked on Hira’s door.

“Whether it is long-term therapy or a short course of CBT that you need, I would recommend Hira Pascoe. Therapist, healer, life-coach; she is professional, compassionate and skilful”

VRTR April 2010-04-09

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