Transformational Coaching focuses on change from the inside out. If you think about all of the things you would like to change – in fact all of the things you have wanted to change over the last few years – what do you notice?  Many of us find that SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IS DIFFICULT!

Some coaching tries to ‘bolt change on’ and suggests focusing on goal and task setting for example and offers other techniques designed to change behaviour.  BUT, change at this level only works when will-power is employed and can often be short lived.

Do you notice that you lose and gain again roughly the same amount of weight but can’t stay at your ideal weight? Or do you move between ‘borders’ of income level, doing well to boost income only to find yourself returning to previous norms?  And promises you make to yourself about stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol or exercising more that you struggle to keep?? These are the ‘New Year’ types of change which are often based on surface mind decisions.

In contrast Transformational Coaching is based on understanding how the mind and the brain actually works – how the non-conscious mind is phenomenally more powerful than the conscious mind and how, if we employ its help, the potential for long term change increases exponentially!!

Our non-conscious mind keeps us within well-trodden norms of behaviour, thinking and ways of being –unless we make deep change AT THE LEVEL ON WHICH THOSE NORMS WERE ESTABLISHED!!

Thinking that we ‘should’ do things differently and trying to stay motivated is not as powerful  as feeling inspired to change and developing ways of sustaining the ‘rocket-fuel’ of inspired creativity!

A way of understanding Transformational Coaching  is to think of a wheel – its hub, its spokes and the outer rim.  Many of our attempts at change focus on one of the one of the spokes of the wheel, one of the symptoms if you like, of our dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Experiencing a lack of money we might look for a better paid job, work with budgeting , set goals, urge ourselves to work harder, longer   ….   and then, perhaps, if it doesn’t work, give up, become disillusioned or see ourselves as lacking.  During this time of endeavour, the other ‘spokes on the wheel’ may have to be set aside and any change made in one area, not affect other areas in a positive way.  An attempt at creating a business from a much loved passion may come to nothing if only the external necessities are taken into account.  In business we may get caught in productivity or profitability and lose the heart feeling which caused us to begin on the journey and the ‘hard work’ of building a business may ‘cost us dearly’ in other areas of life. Attempting to make a relationship better (another spoke), if focussed on from the outside-in, can focus on behaviour and action steps rather than understanding what beliefs, personal history and values might be affecting our perception and ability to remain in loving proximity.


However, with Transformational Coaching, we focus on the hub of the wheel and TRANSFORMATION at that core place, flows down EVERY spoke of the wheel, bringing insight, creativity, joy, energy, renewal, focus, and so on.  The hoped for, initiating vision is always held in view and transformation is sought, to enable that change, along with others, to take place from within.

When I am working with you in my role as Transformational Coach I focus on your values, your strengths and the obstacles which are standing in the way of you achieving your goals.  I encourage you to design a vision for yourself and encourage an expansion of your vision beyond what old patterns may suggest is ‘possible’, setting up a contract with you around the action steps you will take so that you can realise that vision. Essentially I advocate that your journey will be an enjoyable one!!!!  I focus on the illumination of strengths, the highlighting of special talents and gifts, the development of self belief, of thinking and living ‘outside of the box’.  Whilst you as my client understand your personal accountability in the creation of your life and assume responsibility for what behaviours and beliefs keep you away from your chosen path, these need a lightness of touch, a playfullness even.  Transformational Coaching  encourages happiness and the value of using your experience of joy and fulfillment as a barometer for how ‘on track’ you are with the living of your vision and your passion. 

It is within our coaching relationship that discussions around passion, purpose, balance, strategy and success exist comfortably and effectivley.

I am often asked what the differences are between counselling and coaching.  Very simply, counselling understands the impact the past has made on our capacity for happy and fulfilled living and for recovery from crisis.  This impact on our lives and resourcefullness is often taken into account and is sometimes the focus in the counselling process.   It is through the resolution of past difficulty; perhaps family patterning or early losses and finding of what can be quite unconscious habits and responses to life, that the present can be made different. Counselling is a process of discovery of emotional blocks and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and the journey towards the healing of them.  In contrast, coaching assumes that at the time of the coaching, the intensity of the experience which brings someone to counselling, is not at the forfront of your experience.  Rather, a sense of balance, of possibility and of having the energy to move forward is most likely to be felt together with the relishment of engaging with life in new and exciting ways.

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