Suspicious, that’s me; I read these comments and often I have wondered are they for real. Well I can now confirm that they are real comments by real people and in this case with real problems.

Not being the type of person to voluntarily air my problems to strangers you may imagine my horror when my then estranged and nagging wife suggested that we try counselling in an attempt to save our marriage.

Living in separate houses it appeared that the situation between my wife and I had probably reached the point of no return. Quite sad, when you know it’s not really what either of you wants but all lines of communication between each other seem to have failed. A mutual friend of ours had recommended Hira to my wife, who suggested the Idea to me. I had all but given up on our marriage and if I’m honest my wife, not keen to discuss are problems with strangers I was certainly sceptical, but what did I have to loose so I agreed to give it a go. From the first meeting with Hira things changed, it wasn’t that we walked away with all the answers because that clearly wasn’t the case. We did however have something more than we had had for a very long time HOPE.

A sceptic of the whole counselling idea, I found the process to be a good experience, put at ease by Hira’s caring and professional approach, I was able to open up and engage in the process. Over the next few months Hira guided us through a difficult process, giving us the tools to work through and solve our problems. Six months on my wife and I are back under one roof and happy, the whole process has taught me a great deal about myself as well as how to better communicate with others.

I am sincerely grateful to Hira for her help, patience and guidance through our problems and to my wife for dragging me there. By the way the wife stills nags, and no doubt I am still a pain in the proverbial, however we have rediscovered our Love for each other and our marriage is back on track. This we owe in no small part to Hira many thanks.

Me and my husband were having real snags within our marriage, and a friend recommended Hira

to us. I was absolutely dreading our first meeting as I am sure my husband was, but Hira immediately put you at ease with her extremely professional and calm manner.  She has taught us many tools to help us along with our difficulties – and they really do work – I have learned that

no matter how bad you are feeling you must air your thoughts to  your partner and let them know

in a kind and caring way why you are feeling this way (Hira has taught us how to do this and I believe this is one of the many reasons we now have our marriage back on track).Very deep below the surfaces of our marriage were many problems and with Hira’s help and guidance we

have been able to let them come to the surface and face them full on, – for every thought and feeling that you have there is a meaning deep below for feeling this way and this was something I did not realize, Hira helped us see this and I cannot thank her enough. Our visits to Hira have not always been happy ones but we have stuck at it, and I have learned lots about myself and my husband in both negative and positive ways, I do now know why my husband has these strange and  irritating habits which used to wind me up no end, but now on most occasions  I just

smile sweetly to myself  knowing that I love him, all thanks to Hira.

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