Welcome to this page giving you access to a range of FREE Gifts and Tips.

More will be added every month so please keep coming back to see what is new.  Currently you will find written tips and some audio gifts too.

It isn’t intended that every Tip is something which will help and help now, but rather that some of them will ‘speak out to you’ and be easy to work with.  It’s important to be patient with yourself, to keep on coming back to the tips which you feel are most useful and to remember that REPETITION is fundamental to change. You will find links to the tips in the right hand column.

The audio gifts are intended to support you in a slightly different way.  The Deep Relaxation, if used regularly, will gradually enable you to ‘remember’ how to relax.  This same relaxation is something I teach to clients and they speak of the very positive impact it makes for them.

Press play below to stream Deep Relaxation Link

Overcoming Obstacles is a visualisation which will encourage you to understand the INTERNAL obstacles which are blocking your way forward.  With the insights gained in this process it becomes much clearer what steps will be most helpful.  Even if your circumstances appear to be deeply affected by external issues, you will find that this process can highlight your responses to difficulty and enable you to identify how you get in your own way, AND ALSO how to develop appropriate strengths and the resilience to maintain positive change. Keep a notebook and pen handy when using this visualisation so that you can jot down your insights.

Press play below to stream Overcoming Obstacles Link

Anxiety and fear, stress and worry, can cause us to behave in destructive ways in our relationships with those we love.   Irritability, behaving with no respect, not listening with an open heart and mind, these can be symptoms, BUT they are also destructive forces.  Click the link to hear some of my thoughts on how you might overcome these difficulties.

Press play below to stream Communicating in Difficult Times Link

I would be delighted to hear from you – let me know your experience of using these simple tools and if you would like more Tips and Gifts to be added to this page, tell me what would be most helpful for you.