More Personally

I have always been fascinated by the idea of how we can live fully, how we can shine and also how we can recover from adversity, sorrow, pain and limitation.

I read widely as a child and young person and knew that I wanted to travel, both in the physical sense, but also within. I studied different religions, philosophies, teachings from different wisdom traditions and belief structures.  I was fascinated by the birth of them from a historical and geographical perspective too and in contrasting them with now – why we believe as we do currently.

Immediately after the birth of my daughter, my first child, I experienced the most challenging of times.  I had severe post-natal depression and was offered no psychological help, only medical treatment.  On recovering – and it took over 2 years to become really well and strong again – I knew that my curiosity and love of studying the ways in which the human mind and heart have been understood and my experience of depression had opened up a career for me which I have never ceased to love.

I enjoy people and I also love nature in all of her moods and beauty – I am a lover of wide open spaces; of walking, discovering, sitting, gazing and being taught and healed by nature.  I have had some good sailing experiences and though not competent – I am a ‘pull the blue and white rope’ kind of sailor – being out at sea is fun and thrilling to me.

My family is very important to me and as a full-time working mother I have certainly found myself juggling lots of different balls and have mostly been able to recognise just how much the expereince of both family and work add to each other.

My curiosity has never diminished around what can help us to change, to heal, to grow, to create and to accept with an open heart those elements of human experience which we cannot change.

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