THRIVE!  is the result of a journey extending over more than 35 years into the territory of how we as humans live and grow and thrive, how we become more fully who we are, how we live, powered by inspiration, the joy of creativity, and the experience of joy….and what can get in the way of that!

This seminar and webinar series welcomes those of you who are complementary therapists, healers, coaches and counsellors, and those of you  who would like to build a thriving practice or take your practice to the next level.  They look carefully at aligning your goals with your values, at developing and maintaining inspired motivation, at you building resilience and the capacity to sustain focus over time, at building a heart-based, integrity based business whose foundation is your committment to offering  your gifts, strengths and skills and and your desire to serve your community.

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  • Would you like to build your practice and understand the actions necessary to move it forward in this uncertain economy?
  • Would you like to reach more people in your community who may benefit from your skills and your passion to heal and support?
  • Would you like to move through limiting behaviours and thoughts and discover just what might be possible for you?
  • Have you realised that you have your very own glass ceiling and are wondering how to move beyond it?
  • Are you considering moving your work into different mediums which will make it less location specific?
  • Is positioning yourself as the ‘go-to’ person in your field something you would like to accomplish?
  • Do you want to know the ‘nuts and bolt’s of building an integrity-based business?

The one day seminar is a content rich day which will  be illuminating, instructive, supportive and set you on the path of building a thriving practice.  The day alone will cover all of the basics of the above and you will go away with a ‘blueprint’ for a way forward.  The 8 week webinar series, beginning at the end of January 2013 will deepen the process and create the internal and external shifts and structures to enable a quantum leap!!

Your ticket for the seminar or attendance on the webinar series will also give you Exclusive Access to the THRIVE COMMUNITY! – an area of the website with a rich and growing library of video footage, and learning and support materials, unavailable to others.  Your access will begin on the day of your attendance on the seminar or the first day of the webinar series and will provide an on going support for your progress towards THRIVING!

For details of group bookings and multiple discounts available, please call or email me.

I look forward to working with you,